Painted Dreams, Seasons 1, 2, & 3

A soap opera set in a kitsch parallel world. A melodrama in a fish tank starring my own childhood toys.  ‘Sans Soleil’ meets ‘All My Children.’ Most people love Season 2 the most if you can’t stay for the whole saga.
video essays
Season 1, 19min, 2017.
Season 2, 33min, 2018.
Season 3, 28min, 2020.
Cast: Stella Corso, Ish Klein, Ashley Chambers, Jess Barbagallo, Trystin Bailey, Emily Davis, Emily Reilly, Cecilia Gentili, Vick Quezada, Emily Hunerwadel, Sarah Lanzilotta. 
Music: Jon Ruseski, Wall of Ears.
Recipient of a 2018 Northamton Open Media Grant
Screenings: The Poetry Project Annual Marathon (NY,’21), Cadence Vid Poetry Fest (Seattle,’19), The Baumann (NY,’19), Mount Analogue Gallery (Seattle,’19), Spaceus (Boston,‘18), APE Gallery (Northampton, ‘17,’18)